Property & Casualty Insurance

- Fire insurance
Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. We offer the best insurance products to the three following major groups:
1- Industrial units
2- Residential units
3- Non- industrial units

Risks covered by our insurance:
- Fundamental perils Includes:
fire , explosion , lightning.

- Additional perils Includes:
flood and storm , earthquake and volcanic eruption , tempest , cyclone , hurricane , snow slide , falling and collision of external substances , breakage of glass , theft , expulsion and abatement of ground , aircrafts and helicopter crash and articles dropped there from , damages due to snow and rain , damages due to bursting of water pipes and sewage , strike , riot , civil commotion (SRCC) , explosion and deformation of boilers and under pressure industry plants , …

- Cargo insurance
Cargo insurance is an insurance policy taken up to protect against loss of or damage to your goods while they are being transported.
The policy is meant to indemnify you if there is any loss or damage to your cargo. Cargo insurance would cover the goods while they are being transported over sea, air and land.
We offer you four major cargo insurance types policies as follow:
1- Import policy
2- Export policy
3- Internal cargo policy
4- Cargo transit policy